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Hi, thank you for visiting my site for my 2D designs. I post digital, vector, and pixel designs, as well as original traditional pieces.

How they’re made and how to buy

Original pieces are created on mixed media acid-free paper and supplied in a chic clip frame, when they are available for sale. I usually use St Petersburg watercolours, Indian Ink by Jackson’s Art supplies, and regular pens and fineliners.

Digital designs are created via the free program MyPaint. I use version 1.0.0 (this is an old version which I prefer) on a W10 PC. I use a Huion H610Pro non-screen drawing tablet.

Pixel designs are made with good ol’ microsoft Paint, though free Pixel design programs are available.

Vector designs are created with Mypaint 1.0.0 and Inkscape.

Here’s my Vector design account where you can purchase usage rights:


The shop is here, where you can browse and purchase physical pieces.


If you’re looking for the BJD shop, it’s over at https://animated-angels.com, or behind the scenes information on the character design and dollmaking process is over at https://dollunited.com

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